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Dancing to the daily doses of destiny 

I wanted to eat something warm. The drizzle set the mood. So I went to the food stall in my floor to grab a sandwich. Stall fellow missing. I ran all the way in the rain to the cafeteria (Usenseless Bolt) to appease my unrelenting hunger. The menu had the usual items and my usual choice is Butter Upma Dosa. I'm (kind of) exercising some restraint over my food intake, so I decided to go for Rava Masala Dosa. I hate the size of the chutney bowl. One is not enough, two are too much. Besides when I order Butter Upma Dosa one bowl mostly does the job because Upma Dosa tastes just fine without chutney. In that habit I picked just a bowl (after carefully rejecting the second bowl because I wouldn't want to waste anything) and proceeded to a warm seat - Ah, no - a seat in a warm area.

First morsel of Masala and I regretted my choice. The Masala was not good and the chutney wouldn't suffice. When I almost finished my chutney I remembered I got Corn Dosa for dinner (Diabetic lord!) and this was as wrong a choice as Charmy Kaur in Pournami's climax. 11th July - Dosa day? This precious realization dawned upon me when I was comparing the taste of this chutney to home made chutney, which flashed the scene (without the black and white whorls) of me storing the groundnut chutney in the fridge on my office floor today.

Alright, at least I'm not having too much food. Wait! Who will eat the absolutely tender, juicy and forgotten mango slices I got to eat during today evening?

Katrina, please come read the Aam Sutra for me.

When the temporal tag assigned by Pope Gregory XIII suggested 7/11/2013 05:53:00 PM IST, the Reverend Whatchamacallit apportioned crumbs of his intellectual property ( read Punches ) to planet Earth which engendered from the gentry of Blogger

2 packs of chocolate milk, a mango popsicle, puri bhaji, dinner I packed from home, Aliva mint biscuits. This is not hunger. Just an escape plan.

When the temporal tag assigned by Pope Gregory XIII suggested 8/09/2010 07:05:00 PM IST, the Reverend Whatchamacallit apportioned crumbs of his intellectual property ( read Small escapes ) to planet Earth which engendered from the gentry of Blogger

When I joined college in Gandhinagar I was intimidated by all the fellows from North who on an average were at least 2-3 years older than me. If it was to be believed few students were already married by the time we were admitted. Andhra Pradesh compensates for its latitude quite comprehensively with the number of students admitted into prestigious institutes in the country and settles the score with the states in the Northern part of India. I was always asked if, on birth of a child, parents from A.P. performed the customary ritual of rolling a dice to decide the education of a student having already booked admissions when the lady has a bun in the oven. I, being not the sharpest tool in the shed back then (nothing much has changed over the years), smiled from ear to ear wondering if Northies were awestruck by our speed.

Parents here have the propensity to push children so that they can establish records for cramming maximum number of highly repeated questions in EAMCET or can solve esoteric problems for appearing in JEE. Talking of speed my batch at college was called 'Fast Track Batch' though most of us were slow to understand what we were really fast at. I cleared my rack three days ago. Among the findings were few untouched text books by Russian authors with authentic names like Irodov and Dorofeev. I've nothing against Russians. I like Mendeleev's periodic table, I love Leo Tolstoy's style of writing and without Samuel Born I could not have sucked on so many lollipops but clearly during my intermediate education the love for Russians was lost. These books hardly costed me 40 bucks each - boy what do/did these authors survive on.

I particularly remember Mr. Koundinya whose careful consideration of the number line often stuck lots of chalk on his hands. He certainly found some mystic pleasure in smearing it all over his sweaty face. Our physics lecturer rarely had a soporific effect on us. He had this typical accent and I loved his hand shivering act whenever he described anything that went 'yagenest gravity'. Surely he contributed to half the chalk piece budget of the entire college breaking each chalk while pointing to harmonic pendulums or projected vectors all over the shop.

More priceless findings from the rack were grotesque pieces of art on multiple pages which could easily compete with Greek art (with due respect to their fetish for phalli) and our efforts at uniting transcendental forces of Maths, Physics and Chemistry with the use of semiotic relevance to satisfy our day to day needs. Eg: Two Hydrogen atoms next to each other with only orbits while the electrons were sent on a trip to Malibu.

I cannot give you a blow-by-blow account of how this transpired but on one fine day I must have compiled this Mathematical Menu in a hungry mood. Please digest the following.

Mathematical Menu

Functional Foods: Relational Rice, Surdy Sambhar, Calculus Curry, Corollary Curd

Tangential Tiffins: Inductive Idli, Logarithmic Laddu, Binomial Bonda, Partial Puri, Exponential Egg, Algebraic Omlette, Trigonometric Tea, Hyperbolic Halwa, Co-ordinative Candy, Subset Samosa, Differential Dosa, Rotational Roti, Principle Paratha, Matrix Mixture

Conjugative Cool Drinks: Complex Coke, Proportional Pepsi, Locus Limca, Straight Sprite, Fractional Fanta, Geometrical Gold Spot

Derivative Drinks: Linear Lassi, Combinative Coffee, Harmonic Horlics, Variational Viva, Modulus Maltova, Bisective Boost

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